Pace yourself


Sometimes having a good day doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your to do list. It doesn’t mean you have to go on a mad 24 hour bender wearing the highest heels you own. It doesn’t mean that you have to go for a 10k run and spend 2 hours at the gym doing weights. The one thing I’ve learnt is that having a good day, doesn’t mean that you are cured.

Now this may sound really negative; if you’re feeling good – why not do things you haven’t been able to do?! I am not saying you shouldn’t, however; it is about learning what your limits are.

One thing that I am still learning to perfect properly, is to pace myself. Although I may be having a good day and feeling super positive about tomorrow, I have to remember that my MS can flare up at any time. Small steps are the best ones for me to take and I can’t beat myself up for taking it easy. Maybe if I carry on feeling good this week, I can do a good gym work out when I don’t have work the next day. If I feel good tomorrow then maybe I can make a proper dinner that didn’t come out of the freezer. I could even then freeze extra portions for when I’m having a wobbly day.

Unfortunately having a chronic illness requires a lot of extra planning which I think is slightly cruel sometimes. Yeah, I have lesions (or cauliflowers as me and my mum call them!) all over my brain but let’s use my brain lots to get over my next potential bump! I can laugh about it but i guess it’s lucky I inherited my mums organised genes to make my life feel more simple.

I also know that today was a dramatically better day than how I’ve felt in comparison to last week; however this does not make today a perfect day! This does not mean that I didn’t end up throwing my onions at someone when I was using self check out and my hands went all wonky! It certainly doesn’t mean that my body wasn’t shaking when I was waiting in the post office queue to post my eBay parcels.

Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad and remember pacing yourself and also praising yourself for making a baby step in feeling positive, is a massive step in the right direction. Haha you would think I’ve made a scientific discovery or just landed on the moon! I guess this is the life of a worrier who is making every effort to be a warrior.

So tonight, this means an early shower, a simple dinner and an early bed time. Let’s carry on making this week a good one. Happy Monday!

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