Forget me not..


So after clinging onto the tables and chairs at work to get around the office without falling and having the worst double vision, I realised today that I had forgotten to take some of my daily medication.

My brain fog recently has been awful, to the point where I often think I’ve totally lost the plot. I go to write notes to remind me of something I need to do later and I’ve forgotten to write it within a few seconds of thinking about it. I even had a dementia test when I went to the GP last! I didn’t even realise that bad memory was a symptom of MS.

From vertigo meds, vitamin D tablets(a must have for MS Warriors!) and my Copaxone jabs; these are just some of the cocktail of medication I have to make sure I take daily.

I guess it’s totally normal to forget things every so often. Forgetting to take my lunch to work or forgetting to put on my false eyelashes for a night out I can deal with; but forgetting my medication can not only affect my symptoms in the short term but also in the long term.

I have a few tools to help me remember though which have been really helpful and I would definitely recommend.

MS Journal App

If like me you have to do injections of DMDs, this app will not only notify you when you need to do your injection; but it will also tell you which part of your body you need to inject in order to carry on rotating your injection sites safely. It will also notify you when you need to order more medication before you run out.

Pill pot

A simple pill organiser pot from Monday to Sunday is not only cheap to purchase, but very useful to make sure you have taken all the meds you need to. It saves me from faffing around hunting for all of my medication and also saves me from carrying lots of packets and pots when I travel.

Work reminders

Some medication I have to take throughout the day whilst I’m at work. The best way for me to remember is to set calendar alarm reminders on my email client to go off at lunchtime every day. I also tend to ask my colleagues to remind me as they tend to look out for me as well!

What methods do you use to make sure you keep on top of your medication routine?

2 thoughts on “Forget me not..

  1. Well done Rachel with your Blog. Very impressive. I have had MS for more than 30 years, since 1980 aged 40. I am one of the oldest members of the Sussex MS Therapy Centre in Southwick,(see one of 65 self-funding charity MS Therapy Centres around the uk. I have used HBOT (|Hyperbaric Oxygenation Treatment) weekly with benefit for 30 years. HBOT is NOT a cure but long term and regular use has shown that it can slow down the progression of the symptoms. I am still walking, slowly, short distances with a stick. I have a lot of symptoms I would rather be without but the progression has been very slow. I drive using hand-controls. I use a scooter for long distance events.
    I have not yet used any prescriptive drug therapy.

    A recent book entitled, “Oxygen and the Brain. The Journey of Our Lifetime” published in December 2014 is highly recommended. It is to be serialised in the Daily Telegraph hopefully this month or in February. The author is Emeritus Professor of Medicine Philip James.

    There are sound medical reasons for use of HBOT, which I can send to you if you wish it, and it has been used with benefit at the centres for 30 years by many thousands of people with MS.

    I try to impress upon people recently discovering MS that the majority of us live a normal life-span, even with the disability.



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    1. Hi Robert,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog as well as leaving your thoughts.

      I have heard a lot about HBOT but have never used it. I would love to learn more and potentially give it a go myself. I think any tool to lessen the progression of symptoms is worth a try. I will also definitely give the book a read you recommended.

      The Sussex Treatment Centre looks like a fantastic cause and so great to see such brilliant support offered like the exercise classes. The majority of my family live in West Sussex so it sounds like something that I would love to come along for a day to show some support and learn more! I’ll be sure to bookmark the website 🙂

      Thanks again for taking the time to read my ramblings and take care!



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