Moving back to move forward

In the space of a month I have worked my notice period at my last job, moved house, and started a new job. For anybody, any of these would be a lot to deal with but Bella has also joined me on the journey! Getting stressed about packing up and cleaning my old house, as well as being anxious for being the newbie at work all over again; all contributes to my MS being all over the place. Wobbly limbs and fatigue have been increasingly visible, so I am stocking up on early nights for the foreseeable future! 

Although it has been a lot for me to deal with, I am hoping to continue my driving lessons that I stopped 7 years ago, as well as saving some money for the future. I am also happy to say that I am finally in a job that is understanding and supportive of my MS! Hoorah, nice employers do exist! 

For a long time I have wanted to take part in a run of some sort. Marathons may be ever so slightly out of reach for me, but a fun run that I could do for charity really appealed to me. I want to make the most of my limbs for as long as they can work for! 
So when my best friend Mel found a Colour Run taking place in Brighton, it only made sense that I got involved. A 5K run with paint being thrown around, will be what we are taking part in this Saturday the 10th of October. Of course I am raising money for an MS charity that is close to my heart (The MS Society) and I hope to raise as much money as I possibly can for them. 
Wish me luck in getting over the start line and if you have a few pennies to spare, then please head on over to my Just Giving page to donate! πŸ€πŸ’›πŸ’ͺ

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